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A106B cold rolled steel Pipe

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 Cold Drwan Seamless Pipe 

1,Material: A106A,A106B,A106C,A53B,Q235,Q345,10#,20#,16Mn 

Hot Rolled Seamless Pipe

1.USED   It  is a kind of hollow cross-section, neighboring joints of steel strips. Steel has a hollow cross-section, a large number of channels used for conveying fluids, such as the transportation of oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials, pipes, etc.


3.Materials  20# 45# 15CrMOG 10crMO910 12CrMOG and so on.

4.ASTM sesamless Pipe specification table

25*2.5-3-6 76*4-5-6-6-10   146*6-8-10-14   245*35-40-45-60   480*10-12-14-18  
28*2-5-6   76*12-16-18-20   146*16-20-25-34   273*8-10-14-16   480*22-25-30-40-50
30*3-6   80*5-6-10-15-17   152*5-6-10-14   273*18-20-28-30   500*11-15-25-50  
32*3-4-6   83*4-5-6-10   152-12-14-18-20-25 273*32-40-50   508*10-13-15-22-30
34*3-5-6   83*13-15-18-20-22   152*28-30-35-40   299*9-10-12-16-18   530*8-10-11-12  
35*5-8-9   89*4-5-6-8-10   159*4-5-6-8-10   299*20-25-30*40-50 530*14-18-20  
38*3-4-7   89*10-13-16-20-25   159*12-14-18-20   325*8-10-14-18   530*25-30-35  
42*3-5-7-10 95*15-18-22-25   159*25-30-35-40   325*20-25-30-36   580*10-12-16-20-28-30
43*7-8-10 95*15-18-22-25   168*7-8-10-13-15   325*40-45-50-60   580*10-12-14-18-24-48

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 photoes of the pipe

A106B cold rolled steel Pipe

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