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Specification type, production technology and Application range of hot-rolled steel pipe

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The standard of hot-rolled steel pipe: This product is based on API Spec 5L Oil Natural gas scale, API Spec 5CT oil casing specification, gb/t8163-1999 for conveying fluid alloy pipe and steel pipe gb/t8162-1999 structure.
Fixed length: Length of 8000~12000mm±500mm, can also be produced according to customer demand length.
The material of steel pipe: This product material is 10#,20#,35#,45#,x42, X60, X80, Q235, q295,q345, also can according to customer demand optional material.
hot-rolled steel pipe
Production technology of hot-rolled steel pipe Hot-rolled steel pipe is used in German technology manufacturing equipment and improve the predecessor of the eddy current flaw detection equipment, the United States to remove the internal burr and cold shrink diameter process equipment, to ensure that the interior wall smooth smoothness without damage and weld reprocessing; the most advanced automation natural gas high-temperature annealing furnace, the temperature of 1000 ℃, To completely eliminate the internal stress produced in the steel pipe manufacturing process, the most senior in the domestic roll-making pipe and shrink-diameter equipment, water pressure test process to 100% hydrostatic pressure of the conventional procedures, no less than 60 kg, to ensure product quality clearance.
Well-equipped chemical laboratory, physical laboratory, universal material testing machine, Rockwell hardness tester, such as high-end overhaul testing equipment for product quality progress and reliable protection.
Application range of hot-rolled steel pipe This product is widely used in medium and low pressure fluid pipeline, gas pipelines, natural gas pipelines, water supply pipelines, sewage treatment pipelines, air-conditioning pipelines, fire pipes, construction, chemical engineering, oil pipeline engineering, heating and heating engineering and equipment engineering are the last two years of development of the national "95 " key High-tech promotion projects and national Torch  "Project, combined for the oil natural gas industry."
Water supply and sewerage engineering, chemical industry, power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction, can also be used for gas pipelines, and can be used for structural control, piling, bridges, docks, roads and other general. Hot-rolled steel pipe can be supplied with the specification model, in addition to the above specifications, can also be produced in accordance with customer demand for non-model steel pipe.

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