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Laser slotted Screen pipe Technical parameters--processing performance purpose

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Processing performance
   [1] Cutting seam fine: laser cutting slit is generally in 0.10~0.20mm.
Cutting thickness: Stainless steel 0.5-8mm, carbon steel 0.5-22mm
[2] Smooth cutting surface: laser cutting surface without burrs, no need to deal with.
[3] Fast: Laser cutting speed and line cutting speed compared to a lot faster, cutting a 6mm steel plate speed can reach 2 meters, minutes.
[4] Small thermal deformation: laser cutting seam fine, fast, energy concentration, so that the material to be cut on the heat, resulting in material deformation is very small.
[5] suitable for the processing of workpiece products: large product mold manufacturing costs are high, laser processing does not require any mold manufacturing, and laser processing completely avoid material punching when the formation of the collapse, can significantly reduce the production costs of enterprises to improve the grade of products.
[6] very suitable for new product development, shorten the cycle of research and development: once the product's drawing form, can be laser processing, can be in the shortest possible time to get new products in kind.
[7] Save material: The laser processing uses the computer programming, may the different shape product carries on the material the jacking blanking, the maximum enhancement material utilization rate.
Processing uses Because laser cutting has the above advantages, so that it has a wide range of applications, applicable industries are: Oil screen, electrical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, household appliances, automotive manufacturing, elevator manufacturing and other industries. The cutting and forming of various rotors, stator and blades in the motor manufacturing industry. Measuring, cutting tools industry in various types of saw blades, saw blades and other cut molding. The automotive manufacturing industry includes parts, assembly synthesis, and manufacturing of components in assembly lines. 
slotted Screen pipe
Advertising, decoration and handicraft manufacturing industry.
Technical parameters Processing format: (Long X width): 3000mm*1500mm;x axis stroke: 3050mm,y shaft Stroke: 1550mm z-axis travel: 100mm,x, y-axis positioning accuracy: ±0.03/1000mm,x y-Axis repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm, (using the standard: vdi/
DGQ 3441-1977), X y single axis maximum positioning speed: 50m/min,w axis rotary accuracy: ± 20 seconds, W axis repeat rotary precision ±3.6 seconds. Configuration: X-axis with imported Siemens dual linear motor drive, the Y axis is driven by a single linear motor of Siemens, and the linear motor drive has the characteristics of high speed, large acceleration, accurate positioning, simple structure, smooth movement, no wear, long service life, etc., in the field of laser cutting machining
has a traditional driving style unparalleled advantages, so that the machine can achieve a real sense of high-speed, efficient, high-precision cutting processing CNC System: Siemens 840D System with powerful control function.
Using German Hyde-Han LIDA405 series linear grating ruler as position measurement means, the influence of the axial clearance and error of the transfer element of the machine tool on the position measurement accuracy is fully solved; the positioning accuracy of the machine tool is greatly improved.
Structural characteristics: The overall use of the machine tool gantry structure, optimal structure, good rigidity, the use of casting bed, vibration-absorbing pressure, good stability, cast aluminum beam, light quality, high rigidity, can achieve rapid movement.
Scope of application: applicable to all kinds of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal plates and templates, PVC plate and other non-metallic plate high-speed, efficient, high-precision cutting processing. Coupling material j55 oil pipe tubing collar laser slotted pipe oil Casing | J55 Oil Casing |    N80 oil Casing/p110 oil casing/Oil casing supply base/oil casing monopoly/oil casing wholesale, perennial sales of various materials of oil casing, oil pipe-api 5CT oil casing-api5l oil casing International oil casing network-Hebei billion oil Casing Co., Ltd.-Professional oil casing provider 244.8*8.94*2000 oil casing supply steel casing, steel oil casing supply Baosteel production of oil casing, tin steel production casing supply Baosteel oil casing, Anhui tianda oil casing production oil casing, API 5CT oil casing manufacturer, China oil casing manufacturer, Production and sales of oil casing supply API 5CT oil casing, supply of X-grade pipeline pipe, petroleum light pipe-oil tubing-oil casing-api5l oil casing, X-grade pipeline pipe, oil casing steel grade for J55 oil casing, K55 oil casing, N80 oil casing, L-80 oil casing, P-110 oil casing, C-90 oil casing, C-95 oil casing, T-95 oil casing and other oil casing and coupling materials, machinable oil casing buckle type has STC (short round buckle), LC (long Buckle), BC (partial ladder buckle), VAM (offset ladder buckle), such as buckle type of oil casing.

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