Available Specification for Steel Pipe and Pipes Development

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American Petroleum Institute
5L Line Pipe 
5CT Casing and Tubing
American Society for Testing Material
A53  Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated, 
Welded and Seamless (Type E- Electric-resistance 
welded, Grade A and B) 
A252 Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe Piles
A500  Cold-Formed Welded and Seamless Carbon Steel 
Structural Tubing in Rounds and Shapes 
British Steel Corporation
1387-1967 Welded Steel Pipes for Low Pressure Use 
Chinese National Standards 
2056 G3030 Welded Steel Pipes for Low Pressure Use 
4178 G3098 Welded Steel Pipes for High Pressure Use 
4435 G3102 Carbon Steel Pipes for General Structures 
4437 G3103 Carbon Steel Pipes for Machine Structures 
4626 G3111 Carbon Steel Pipes for Pressure Service 
7141 G3134 Carbon Steel Square Pipes for General Structures
2606 C4060 Rigid Steel Conduit 
6445 G3127 Carbon Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping 
  Japanese Industrial Standards 
G3444 Carbon Steel Pipes for General Structures 
G3466 Square Pipes for General Structures 
G3452 Carbon Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping
G3454 Carbon Steel Pipes for Pressure Service 
astm a106 steel pipe
1. Product Development
API 5CT oil casing (20 ") development
API 5L PSL2 X52 very low temperature resistant steel (8 ") development
2. Product improvements
Pipe (4 "to 10") end surface modified plastic sleeves to improve
Pipe 20 "diameter size accuracy improvement
3. Process improvement study
The 3rd pipe car double-rust coating technology to build
4. The device technology to build
The 2nd pipe welding car high frequency transistors (Coil induction) technology to build
The 2nd pipe vehicle driveline and shave LEF institutional strengthening update
A. Product Development
Cooperate with the international market demand, the development of export API PE coated steel (4 "/ 6" / 8 ") and the well casing API-5CTJ55 (4" / 5 "/ 8" / 10 ").
B. Process improvement study
Pipe # 2 and # 3 car saw table programmable device (DDS) update ─ saw pipe length precision, improve yield.
Pipe # 3 car leveling machine refurbishment and installation position adjustment ─ improve the flatness of the strip before welding, improve weld quality.
Rustproof steel process control equipment installation and adjustment ─ enhance the quality and appearance of rust-proof steel.
C. equipment technology to build
Steel crane big wheel bearings replaced, passive wheel design for the eccentric shaft ─ reduce maintenance time and crane walking more smoothly.
Pipe # 2 car scraper ring knife ─ improved to reduce the frequency of blade replacement and reduce heavy steel grinding.
A. Product Development
Development of API-5L - 4 "and 6" of PE-coated steel ─ develop export markets.
B. Process improvement study
UT equipment to improve steel pipe weld quality ─ enhance detection capabilities.
Pipe cutting machine winding shaft support arm improved ─ lifting steel cutting board edge quality.
Straightness 5CT steel pipe straightening straightening machine to build a new steel output 5CT ─ enhance yield.
Pipe # 2 car into the feeder ─ to increase production and improve yields.
C. equipment technology to build
Jan 10 tons crane owners day speed 6M / min up to 8M / min ─ The cargo ship to shorten time and improve efficiency.
Pipe # 3 car 12 "FP-T roller edge cracking regeneration ─ reduce the cost of newly purchased rollers.
EMT pipe (the pipe) 50 * 50 * 1.5t, 2.0t try to make complete.
In line with market demand, have developed strength structural tube, namely SM490YA 5 "~ 8", RU-490A 10 "~ 16".
R & D 10 "x 15.09mm thick high-strength structural tube.
 Completion of high-speed rail with thick high-strength structural tube, namely ASTM 8 "x 12.7mm, JIS 10" and 12. "
Large structural tube: with the high-speed rail with a thick high-strength structural demand, has developed 16 "x 16mm large structural tube.

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